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Collection: All Weather UV Arm Sleeves

These come in two sizes, so those of us that lament sleeves being too big and sliding off don't have to worry....and those with the big guns?  We have you covered too! 

Wear these in the winter as a shed-able layer to keep you warm and also in the summer to keep the sun off!   Dip in water and put them back on to keep you cool.  Did you know that putting ice on your wrists can help cool you down and keep you comfortable on a hot day?  Hit an aid station, fill these with ice and you are good to go on hot race days!


Barking Frogs Brand- Info From Barking Frogs

Our sleeves are tubes of high-tech microfiber meant to be worn on the arms – in case you were wondering! Put them on in the cool mornings and then as the day heats up, slide them down on your wrists to help wipe away sweat. Worried about too much sun, throw them on with your tee shirt and get added protection.

Custom designed sleeves come in clear poly bags with an insert card that can be customized for a small cost on orders over 500 units.

  • Multi-functional / Multi-sport

  • 100% Microfiber

  • Machine washable / colorfast

  • Two easy sizes s/m and l/xl

  • 20+ UV protection

  • Wicks away sweat

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